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Saturday, June 04, 2005

was it always this funny?

weird things happen when you're bored.

i haven't been so unemployed, so uncomitted, so unstressed in a looong loong time. highschool cramming, college, working like a rat for five . 5 years. it's odd to find myself not caring what time it is, or what day it is.

it's a lot of fun.

anyway weird things happen when you have a lot of time on your hands. yesterday my wardrobe crashed down because i leaned on it. today when i decided i would right it, it literally fell apart. my drawers fell off the hinges too, now my room is covered with *stuff*.

weirder still. i go to a coffee shop (because i have more free time than any of you put together). and i start chatting to the owners. "oh what do you do? you a student? want to come work here?" etc etc. then it turns to "are you married? do you have a boyfriend" (because england is very couple based society). and i say "no but i'm seeing someone today" with a smirk. the answer "don't get involved with him, he's short, and rude, he won't even pay for your drinks".

huh? huh? wtf? really, the dude's short but he aint rude... and fun to chat to...

what happens? the kid stands me up, calls me later telling me that his phone broke. it's all a good laugh, certainly odd.

other things psychic lady told me:
1) you're going to the us, and you'll meet a tall women there who will give you a job that you like
2) the friend you are in a fight with, in three or four months he will get back to you, and it'll all be okay.
3) you'll meet a someone from your own country and you'll really like it.

pffffffffffffft. weird-o.


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