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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

so what?

i am thinking today, and the topic is so what?

why would you even care that you had a computer with internet access if you didn't have the dough to see a doctor or food and stuff like that.

you probably wouldn't.

my friend says that it is a so what sort of question but access to information is an important issue for doctors and health professionals in developing countries.

and i guess the winnning story here is that with the interweb you can get a lot of information for next to no money. always seems to come back to money huh.

would you be a little more hopeful about what else if you could find out the "what else" bit at a computer? would you be a little more happier if your teacher knew a little bit more?


i'm still not completely sold though.

the computers and stuff, they're not the magic bullet. it's a slow subtle kind of thing, i imagine. it won't make anyone immediately happy. i think actually, because computers are evil they will make a lot of people unhappy in the short run.

radio and tv are a lot cheaper and more accesible. probably fax as well. but if you wanted to send a text book say, or all the data you had on a weather forecast it'd take a long time, and lots of money.

at the end of the day it's only infrastructure.

but infrastructure is a good thing.



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